The High Tech of Rural America: 9 Unusual Gadgets and Contraptions

    ClicRWeight  3D Camera

    ClicRweight® Livestock Weighing System

    Part of a ranch animal’s market value is based on its weight. Unfortunately, getting a cow or hog into a tiny weighing pen is not only a difficult (and potentially dangerous) undertaking for humans, it’s also stressful on livestock. This stress can lead to illness, which leads to lost weight, which means less money in a rancher’s pocket.

    The ClicRweight® precludes the need for those tiny, jail-like weighing pens that cause animals extra grief. Instead, this weighing system uses sophisticated imaging technology to determine an animal’s weight within an accuracy of a reported 99 percent. The animal is led into an open area, analyzed via two cameras to create a 3-D image, and then algorithms project the beast’s weight. It’s a non-invasive, ongoing process, and as our image above shows, ClicRweight® can track an animal’s weight over time. As a video for the technology professes, “It takes weights 24/7 — and is ready when the hog is.”