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ClicRTechnologies is committed to providing livestock improvement solutions using state of the art computer vision technologies. These technologies commonly refer to the use of a computer, one or more cameras, and advanced algorithms to perform a set of tasks. Our solutions focus on non-contact measurement tasks such as weighing, measuring body dimensions, sorting, and grading quality. With over 9 patents, granted or applied in the past 5 years alone, ClicRTechnologies is decidedly the de-facto innovation leader for livestock improvement solutions.

Besides a strong focus on innovation, ClicRTechnologies is dedicated to providing the best quality solutions and support. We firmly believe that one cannot develop and support a top quality solution being a mere technology integrator, therefore we develop all our advanced algorithms ourselves, write the application software, implement our own firmware, customize the operating systems running on our devices, and develop our back-end servers and web interfaces. ClicRTechnologies also designs and manufactures all the control electronics and the mechanical assemblies. We sometimes use local contractors with whom we have established a long standing relationship. When you talk to a ClicRTechnologies representative, you can rest assured we have answers to all your questions because we build our solutions from the ground up.

For all the techies out there: our solutions employs a variety of techniques and technologies such as digital image processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, point cloud registration, image segmentation, robust and nonparametric statistical analysis, embedded Linux, ARM-based SoC and x86-64 computers. This pretty much sums up the core technologies used by the NASA rover deployed on Mars!

the gator solution

The Gator Solution is a 24 / 7 automated measurement system that is installed in the tanks where alligators are raised. When the alligator crawls on to the scanning station, the software automatically captures the image of the alligator and measures the length, 5th scoot circumference, and weight. The data is then sent to the cloud daily for the user to see.

  • Automated 24/7 measurements
  • Environmental air and water temperature reports every 15 minutes
  • Automated cleaning
  • Continuous self-diagnostics
  • Automated system updates


GatorPad is a mobile tool that is used in the field to keep track of inventory and feed rations and rates.

  • Inventory – Deads, transfers, and harvested
  • Feed – rations and rates
  • Reports to users account for administrators to manage and have visibility in the field
  • Waterproof
  • Wifi and cellular enabled iPad


Access all of your measurement data online when you need to see it

  • Secured online access of measurement data
  • Feed conversion calculators
  • Inventory control for the entire farm
  • Analytical graphing
  • Historical data
  • Data export to CSV file


Future Solutions

Cattle are currently weighted with conventional gravity scales. This requires time consuming, labor intensive, round-ups and transportation to a weighing station, resulting in increased cost and trauma to the animals.

The ClicRweight® system provies instant and accurate statistics on each individual animal in their natural environment without any human intervention.

ClicRweight® is a revolutionary weighing system that eliminates the use of gravity-based scales to weigh. It is a total game changer for any commercial or private cattle ranch, dairy farm, and feedlot operation. (public domain image)

The revolutionary ClicRweight® system provides instant information enabling pork producers to manage their operations more efficiently. The system captures the weight of each hog without any human intervention 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This revolutionary, innovative technological system uses a unique 5’ x 2’ ClicR•Chute™ which provides a water source to position the animal, capture a photo image, accurately calculate and then register it’s weight. The data profile is then automatically transferred and downloaded to the users computer system.

Operational Benefits
This unique system enables pork producers to greatly improve the management of their
operation by using the streamed information to:

  • Improve overall production efficiency of operation
  • Maximize ROI by hitting the “Sweet Spot” 97% of the time
  • Automatically mark animals within a predetermined ship weight
  • Reduce feed costs associated with feeding beyond ideal weight
  • Weed out under performing animals and the sows that produce them
  • Determine individual animal weights to administer medication in a timely manner
  • Review daily tonnage including total and average per Barn or pen along with Individual weights
  • Determine precise shipping schedules based on an accurate Average Daily Gain


ClicRTechnologies® is committed to the development of new applications combining proprietary technology with current systems to improve the lives of people.

These applications may include trauma centers, pediatrician offices, handicap/amputee patients and beyond.


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