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    We are committed to the development of proprietary technology

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    We have combined our technology with informed input from animal husbandry experts to develop...

Swine Bovine Future
bovine future
 The revolutionary ClicRweight® system provides instant information enabling pork producers to manage their operations more efficiently.
 Cattle are currently weighed with conventional gravity scales. This requires time consuming, labor intensive round-ups...    ClicRTechnologies™ is committed to the development of new applications combining proprietary technology with current systems to improve the lives of people.

  • Keeping true to our visionR...

    Our Research and Development team never stops. “State of the art” is the buzz word. How can we make it smarter and how can we…

  • And our teams grows again̷...

    We are pleased to announce another two additions to the team:

    Young Kim is our new software engineer that has been doing…


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