We are committed to the development of proprietary technology to enhance the lives of its users and dedicated providing the most advanced vision software with our unparalleled expertise in 3D imaging. We are focused on the expansion of our weight capture technology and the development of future applications that will deliver cutting edge solutions to increase production efficiency across multiple industries.

Ride The Brand™

ClicRweight® is a unique and revolutionary system
that allows you to quickly improve the performance
and profitability of your business. Tracking animal weight continuously in real time gives you the power to rapidly get your animals to market. That’s what we call Ride The Brand™, The ClicR™ Brand!

Our Bovine Solution

Our livestock weighing technique is a “Game Changer” for any commercial or private cattle ranch. Contact us today for a live demonstration!

Calling all Gator Farmers! Now capture and store important details of your inventory as you grade. The Grader™ workstation will improve ergonomics, organization and task efficiency while conserving your energy in nearly any environment.

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