OUR MISSION We are committed to the development of proprietary technology to enhance the lives of its users and dedicated to providing the most advanced vision software with our unparalleled expertise in 3D imaging. We are focused on the expansion of our weight capture technology and the development of future applications that will deliver cutting edge solutions to increase production efficiency across multiple industries.

THE VISION The application of our technology will not only change the method in which our customers weigh their livestock, it will also increase the frequency at which they weigh them. The advantage of readily having weights available is desirable for medicating livestock as well as knowing the optimum time to ship their livestock.

Remaining focused on delivering a superior product to our target markets and providing exceptional services to our customers is the key to replacing the traditional weighing process and becoming the market leader in weighing technology.

Joey Spicola Sr.
Chairman & CEO

Joey Spicola
Chairman / CEO

Phil Ryer
Director, Manufacturing and Installation

Lion Gardiner
Sr technician

Larry Kemp
Bovine Divisional Manager

Richard Ledbetter
Information Technology


Zachary Edwards
ClicRcoach, Technical Systems Representative

Austin Torres
Swine Division Manager

Gunner Russell
ClicRcoach, Technical Systems Representative

Donald Birkenfeld
Bovine Regional Sales Manager

Board of Directors

Larry Kemp

Andrew Lombard

Scott Hicks

Darrell Halfman

Layne Kemp

Justin Schwartz

Joey Spicola
ClicR Technologies

Joe Planz