Hear from those who have witnessed our revolutionary technology and how it will transform an operation:


“With real time information on ADG, ranchers can adjust water availability, target specific issues, and adjust feed consumption to correspond to the goals of the operation. You can’t manage what you don’t measure”! 

Doug Hicks 
ABAC Beef Unit Manager
Tifton, Georgia

“ClicRtechnologies is at the forefront of this frontier for the cattle industry,” 

Dr. Audrey Luke-Morgan
ABAC Associate Professor of Agribusiness
Tifton, Georgia


“We are a company that thrives on innovation, we see a tremendous potential in the ClicRweight technology to expedite the selection progress for the next generations of more efficient animals”. 

Gustavo Toro 
Genetics Development Center, ST Genetics
Navasota, Texas


“This technology allows me to get ahead of my herd, I saved a tremendous amount on feed not to mention the hassle of check weighing. I see an enormous potential for beef and dairy, It’s a game changer!” 

Donald Birkenfeld
Feedlot Owner
Friona, Texas