The revolutionary ClicRweight® system provides instant information enabling pork producers to manage their operations more efficiently. The system captures the weight of each hog, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our innovative technological system uses a unique 5’ x 2’ ClicRChute™ which provides a water source to position the animal, capture a photo image, accurately calculate and register its weight. The weights are then automatically transferred to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) on the users computer. Watch our Swine Solution Video!

Swine View

Operational Benefits

  • Scaleless weighing and ADG
    24/7 on any smart device

  • Improve overall production efficiency
    of operation

  • Maximize ROI by hitting the “sweet spot” 97% of the time

  • Automatically mark animals within a predetermined ship weight

  • Reduce feed costs associated with feeding beyond ideal weight

  • Weed out under performing animals and the sows that produce them

  • Determine individual animal weights to administer medication in a timely manner

  • Review daily tonnage including total and average per farm, barn or pen along with individual weights

  • Determine precise shipping schedules based on an accurate Average Daily Gain (ADG)

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