The Gator Solution is a 24/7 automated measurement system that is installed in the tanks where alligators are raised. When the alligator crawls on to the scanning station, the software automatically captures the image of the alligator and measures the length, hide width at the 5th scute, and weight. The data is then sent to a private server daily for the user to see.

Operational Benefits

  • Automated 24/7 measurements

  • Environmental air and water temperature reports

  • Automated cleaning

  • Continuous self-diagnostics

  • Automated system updates





Get Started

The GatorPad is a mobile tool that is used in the field to keep track of inventory, feed rations and rates.

  • Inventory – deads, transfers, and harvested

  • Feed – rations and rates

  • Reports to users account for administrators to manage
    and have visibility in the field

  • Waterproof

  • Wi-Fi and cellular enabled iPad

Gator Tablet View