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The Version 3 (V3) of our system’s RFID reader and 3D camera COMING SOON!

These two upgrades play a critical role in streamlining the installation process, customer ease of use and plug and play mentality, reducing cost by procuring parts locally, shipping weight and in-house manufacturing. These designs also exceed industry standards, which puts us ahead of our competitors.


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February: ClicR launches their ClicRweight Bovine Solution in the dairy industry at ST Genetics – The Ohio Heifer Center 

The ClicRweight® Bovine Solution (the first 3D weighing solution in the market for individual livestock weights), is now expanding its efforts in the Dairy industry. Managing weight data is crucial when genetics comes into play. Genetics help predict how characteristics such as milk production and the animal’s health traits are passed onto the next generation, achieving a more productive, sustainable animal, including an increase in farm profitability.







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