Press Releases

Inaugral Expo and Pinnacle Meeting – May 20, 2021

ClicRweight named finalist for Agri-Trade 2021 Ag Innovations Award – October 5, 2021

ClicRtechnologies Expands Boundaries and Joins Forces with Leading Canadian Genetics Company – November 19, 2021

ClicRtechnologies continues partnership with Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College – February 22, 2022


The Future of Weighing Livestock is Here and it doesn’t Include Scales – American Cattlemen, April 2021

Advancing the Future of the Cattle Industry Through Technology – American Cattlemen, May 2021

A “No Scale Attached” Advancement for Weighing Cattle – American Cattlemen, June 2021

ClicRtechnologies creates scaleless livestock weight system – AGDAILY, June 2021

ClicRtechnologies Shares Innovative Scaleless Livestock System at Expo and Pinnacle Meeting – North America FarmQuip Magazine, June 2021

Staying Ahead of the Herd with Technology – American Cattlemen, July, 2021

A Rancher’s Investment for Information – American Cattlemen, August, 2021

Lights, Camera, Cattle – American Cattlemen, September, 2021

Data collection in the barn can help farmers make better decisions – Farmtario, November, 2021

Tipping the scales with technology – The Western Producer, December, 2021

Tracking animal performance with camera clicks – Grainews, January, 2022

Threee questions with ClicRtechnologies – Global Aginvesting, March, 2022

Other Media

Let Your Cattle & Pigs Weigh, Drench And Sort Themselves – The Off-Farm Income Podcast, Episode 1095

Weighing Alligators – AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST, July 21, 2021